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You can also save a ton of time by getting cabinets painted instead of replaced.

I had a very difficult time deciding who I was going to hire for painting my cabinets. I am so thankful I went with Dave, Mr Cabinet Painter. He and his crew were fantastic to work with and the quality is top notch. I never dreamed that painted cabinets would have such an amazing finish on them, it’s like I have new cabinets! Their price is very reasonable, especially for the quality! The other companies I was considering were planning on painting them with a brush, I had no idea of the different application methods used, Dave helped educate me on why a sprayed finish is so important. I would HIGHLY recommend them for your kitchen.

Sonia Bergstrom

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Cabinet Painting FAQs

What paint do you use?

Sherwinn Williams is the Best

There are a lot of paint brands I have used in the past, but I’ve settled on Sherwinn Williams paints because they have created a hard enamel paint that offers superior durability, washability and low-fumes. With the right tools, it is easy to apply the paint to any cabinets and works well in the high humidity the bathroom cabinets face, or the high-traffic of kitchen cabinets.

How much does painting cabinets cost?

Cabinets Painted vs. Replaced

One client of mine considered replacing their cabinets and the bill was over $20,000. She had gone to a neighbor’s whose cabinets I had just finished. Those cabinets looked fantastic and when she heard the price for painting, her jaw dropped.

Since every kitchen layout is different, and sometimes folks want to get soft-close hinges or new cabinet doors and all this affects the price, I cannot tell you the exact price for painting your kitchen or bathroom cabinets. Suffice it to say, I saved this family over $13,000. I can probably do the same for you!

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Who will I talk to?

The Owner of Mr. Cabinet Painter is Dave.

I’ve been painting since 1994, when I was a a firefighter. Since I had a few days off in the week, I filled the time by learning a new skill: painting.

I’ve painted everything from large businesses (like the Best Buy here in town) to gigantic houses to playhouses. However, one type of painting is my favorite: cabinet painting.

I specialize in cabinet painting in Fayette County, now. I enjoy the look on my customers’ faces when they see their “new” kitchen or bath for the first time after we are completely done.

I can’t wait to paint your cabinets and show you why painting is so much better than replacement!

Why should I paint my cabinets?

Two Reasons: Time & Money. Oh, and style!

We all know that painted cabinets are the rage right now, from the bright purple and green cabinets I painted last year, to the more common, classic white cabinets that give a bright fresh clean look to your kitchen.

Mr. Cabinet Painter has painted all these types of cabinets in Fayetteville and the reason they remain popular is simply because they are faster to complete than new or refaced cabinets (refacing is placing a layer of color or print on the cabinet face. Refinishing is putting a new stain and urethane coat on. Very, very expensive.)

As a bonus, painted cabinets are a lot easier on the pocketbook, too! (Typically 1/2 or less the cost of new cabinets.) Call (678) 967-0871 for details and a free quote.

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