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You don’t need to mess with painting cabinets yourself. And you definitely deserve better than the racket of replacement cabinets.

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Modern Cabinet Painting

Modern cabinets demand to be noticed.

We carefully consult with you to determine the best options for you in your house and your design aesthetic. Purple cabinets with gold handles? You got it.

Goldenrod cabinets with frosted glass accents and bronzed hardware. Sure thing.

White cabinets with classic hardware. Sure, but that is under a different heading!

Your design deserves to be noticed and we can help you with that, at least as far as your cabinets go. So get wild and paint those things electric blue or be a little more reserved and make them a dark grey. The choice is yours and we’ve done it all before, so we can make sure your cabinets are painted right.

Cabinet Refinishing

Keep the wood look.

Sometimes you just want your cabinets to look slightly different. If this is what you want, Mr. Painter can accommodate. However, refinishing cabinets (where you strip the old polyurethane off and sand below the stain level) is very labor-intense and is usually more costly than new cabinets.

However, we also have the option to update the cabinet fronts and re-stain the base cabinets to save time and money.

Classic Cabinet Painting

White is the new black.

There is a reason that so many people choose to go with the classic white painted cabinets. They are clean looking, easy to maintain, match all the hardware and they are easy to sell the house with when it comes time for that.

Mr Cabinet Painter has painted thousands of cabinets and most are white. Some have a glaze to accent the molding, some are solid white, and all are beautiful. Just call us to get a free quote on creating a classic beautiful white cabinets look!

Expert Painter

Decades of Experience.

Dave has been painting cabinets since 1994. He has made a name and reputation for himself as being the premier painter here in the Bubble of Fayette County. With thousands of cabinets painted, he knows a thing or two about this craft.

Indeed, he is training the next generation of painter craftsmen right now to carry on the tradition of excellence in quality he demands.

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